Dental hygiene in Bern

A dental hygiene done by a prophylaxis assistant with a duration of 60 minutes costs CHF 161.05. The time needed depends on the amount of work. It might be necessary to have a longer treatment duration or, if there is not a lot of tarte or plaque, less time is needed.


We suggest a dental hygiene once or twice a year.

Professionelle Zahnreinigung in Bern in der Zahninsel

What services are covered by professional oral hygiene?

  •  Instruction for optimizing your cleaning skills for your teeth
  • Staining the plaque to visualize the spots where your own oral cleaning needs to be improved
  • Removal of tarte above and underneath the gum
  • Polishing the teeth
  • Application of fluoride gel

Why is a dental hygiene necessary?

  • Black stain consulting from smoking, tea or coffee are removed
  • Polishing makes the surface smooth. New stain cannot adhere fast to the teeth.
  • By removing the tarte underneath the gum the gum can heal. Less bleeding will occur when improving your hygiene at home.